Key2 offers its clients the benefits of its considerable experience in the development of training projects on leading technologies and methods of analysis. The range of courses offered is flexible and varied and is the result of a constantly updated research; the approach is based on communication and involvement.
The teaching methods are strongly focused on practical objectives alternating phases of theoretical study with others of practical application of the proposed concepts through the solution of real-world cases.


See the Future: this concept outlines the objective of the Think Academy where, through intensive research, the specialists of the future analyze the possible market scenarios, turning the learning process and the exchange of ideas and experiences into practical implementation. Becoming part of the Think Academy means being part of a network that promotes not only skills but also business opportunities.


In this regard, Key2 paid particular attention to the development of professionals, by defining methodologies, tools and integrated and consistent models for the following areas: Business Process Management “ Knowledge Management“ Change Management “ Coaching.