A professional solution for managing customers and orders.

Agents can use their iPad to show customers an up-to-date and accurate description ofa the product, including an illustrative image, as well as enter orders directly.

Agents therefore have access to:

  • an immediate tool and a valuable sales support: the catalogue can be updated in real time with each price or product change and the agent can transmit orders instantly and immediately check stock availability;
  • a tool enriched with attractive media content, such as image gallery and audio and video content;
  • a tool that provides an innovative way to communicate with customers: the digital catalogues offer a new captivating sensory experience. The backlit display casts a new light on the products images;
  • a synchronization system enable users to upload their customer files as well as the products in their catalogue, including prices and descriptions.

Therefore, they do not need to manually enter data in the iPad as the whole process is done in just a few clicks using the appropriate online control panel.

Once this is done, all data are stored in the iPad and agents can enter/edit/delete orders and browse all products OFF-LINE, with no need for an INTERNET connection.

Each product includes a picture, description, product code and type of packaging (cardboard or otherwise) with the corresponding quantity, description and price. Users can also search products by description, name and item code thus speeding up the collection of orders.
The application also includes a “Carta” function. Agents can select the customer (the consignee of the goods) and the products and then validate the order. In the last section of the application, the agent can view all orders received and carry on view, edit, delete and send operations.
The send function is certainly the most interesting in that it directly forwards the order to the agent’s company.

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