In the utilities sector, with particular reference to gas and energy sector, there has been a profound change in the scenario of the competition between players. Users become customers now are the main actors of the changed competitive environment, free to choose who to trust, have become subject to new sales strategy, retention and development. The big players have started to invest in marketing and sales by identifying and structuring the offering on the modularity of pricing and purchasing behavior of the customer. Namely improving the channels of market-driven. For operators, the rationalization of organizational deiprocessi has represented and still represents the key to achieving operational efficiency and commercial effectiveness. The changed business requirements, organization, presence in the area, as well as new trends and channel policies require players answers faster and ready. And articulated in this context that he wanted to fit Key2 providing an initial response to the request for rationalization of organizational processes. Key2 with NAVGAS & Energy management solution for companies to import, Distribution and Retail sectors LPG, GAS, ENERGY and WATER is able to respond easily to the complex needs of the channel. With the expertise gained on important projects Key2 realized on Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP vertical NAVGAS & Energy that guarantees full coverage of business processes.


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Le strategie di data governance supportano le realtà con approccio data driven con l’implementazione di processi e strumenti di controllo dei big data, basati su Machine Learning e Intelligenza Artificiale.


Le soluzioni software che realizziamo migliorano qualità ed efficienza dei processi operativi e il business development delle aziende, sviluppate e supportate dal nostro team di developer certificati su più tecnologie.


Migliorare la user experience e favorire l’interazione degli utenti permette di creare esperienze seamless personalizzate che sfruttano le potenzialità della gamification, e guidano l’utente verso i propri obiettivi di business.