Smart City

Public Sector- City Emergency Response

Any emergency is best dealt with if there is active participation from all relevant city departments in all four aspects of Emergency Response- Planning & Analysis (Mitigation), Preparedness, Response and Recovery. An incredible potential expressed by Microsoft’s platform.
Our Platform permit to manage more users for coverage all the services in the city:

  • Citizen
  • Emergency Operation Center
  • Decision Maker
  • Utility Services
  • Emergency
  • Citizen HUB

Default View/ Pre-emergency
The Citizen View shows services that a Citizen is interested-in or has subscribed to.
The Citizen hub provides access to App & Service recommendations from the City. In addition to standard news outlets, the Citizen Hub gives you the ability to update your citizens via their devices:

  • roads that are closed around their house, etc.During Emergency
  • they receive an emergency alert SMS/text alert with a link to the Citizen Hub
  • the Citizen Hub displays standard emergency information like evacuations routes and emergency contacts
  • shows their customized content

Emergency Operations Center HUB
The Emergency Operations Center Dashboard monitors the issue of city:

  • integrated with open data contents;
  • detect emergency indicators and share the issue information;
  • decision Maker HUB.

Main Dashboard

  • Real Time Emergency Management;
  • viewing the entire situation from mobile City Operations Center;
  • automatic data analysis;
  • management of the emergency operations plans;
  • Data Breakdown.

City Operations also have access to City’s key performance indicators (KPIs), for example in the form of a “Tree Map”.
The size of the boxes illustrate most activity and the color coding depicts status of the KPIs Security & Public Sentiment. Additionally, City Operations also shows data/KPIs related to Security and Public/Citizen Sentiment.

Debrief- Post Issues
Post emergency reporting: it enables leaders to have a holistic view of the city’s response within hours of the event.

Utility Worker HUB
From the Utility WorkerHub workers can monitor all the city services (primary and secondary utilities).

Transit Worker HUB

  • Real-time reporting of traffic information;
  • automatic zooms-in to the map where the accident/incident has been reported;
  • plans and deploy alternate routes to counter the accident and the congestion;
  • 3D model of traffic reroute.

Based on the confirmed accident/incident, the transit worker is able to work on a 3D model to determine where to block affected roads and to deploy reroute signage. The transit worker notifies transit workers to deploy road signage, redirecting traffic away from the accident region to resolve the congestion issue.

Emergency HUB
From the Emergency Call Center page of the EOC Hub workers can view incoming emergency calls.
The Call Center worker has access to the stream of calls from citizens; they have access not only to the calls (audio), but also to notes and documents.
The call center worker is able to search through documents repository and also audio and video files.

Video Surveillance
The Emergency worker is able to pull up real-time camera feeds to confirm that there was a issue.


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