Digital Marketing


K2Digital Marketing


Key2 can assist customers in their progress towards innovative and technologically advanced business models, through the study and creation of new solutions based on digital media: Mobile media, Digital Television, Social Networks.

Our IT department can support you in the design and implementation of solutions based on new communication channels and digital media.

Web Marketing: We offer strategic consulting services for carrying out an effective digital communication plan that can be structured around several digital media specifically targeted to your market. Once the strategy is defined we can assist our customers in implementing the instruments that have been selected as the most appropriate.

Gaming, Viral Videos, Social Networking: Through its supporters and players, the digital revolution allows for a radical change for the better in the way you communicate with your target market. Any potential customer can interact with the brand in various ways, such as watching videos, playing, communicating with other customers. We can offer you a set of tools featuring the best in technology and innovation to support you in building your brand awareness. Our “Facebook Developers” are there to help you get more visibility for your company and services.

SEO: Being first on search engines has become crucial to ensuring a competitive advantage. The expertise of our SEO Specialist allows us to offer optimization, indexing and positioning solutions that are carefully designed and that smoothly integrate with your company’s existing web marketing strategies.

E-mail marketing: emails are the most simple, direct, affordable, personal and fast means of communication available; they can be considered as the gateway to the world of the Internet allowing you to build a real strong relationship between your target market and your brand. For this reason, an adequate email marketing strategy helps your business grow regardless of the sector in which you operate. It lets you reach your target accurately, provides for a more comprehensive communication on your products or services, attracts interest and finally stimulates action.