Key2 is certified in Microsoft Business solutions and Small Business Specialist. Key2 , implements, and provides consulting services and integration solutions on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and CRM and portals based on Microsoft Office SharePoint technologies. Young and Dynamic Key2 is able to support the customer in all phases of the exercise of its change management processes and information systems both in Italy and abroad.


The success of an organization is closely related to the timeliness with which you are able to respond to changing customer needs and the strategies proposed by the competition. In a complex market like today in fact, characterized by the speed of information, it is essential to be able to recognize and intercept the chance to market and thus make concrete and maximize business opportunities. Faced with a growing market in the last decade has seen accelerate the speed of data entry, inforazioni of sensitive communications, knowledge travels more and more often using new channels, perhaps hidden in a text message, an e-mail, a fax and it is strategic at this point for each company is not losing track. Do not maximize this information capital inevitably means “do not do the business.
For a company becomes so important:

  • to optimize the sales activities and increase their productivity;
  • reduce the time of closing of the negotiations;
  • acquire new customers;
  • retain existing customers by creating new sales opportunities;
  • implement promotions and campaigns to reach customers with the most effective offer;
  • Check the indicators to assess productivity, results and performance;
  • analyze results and trends to forecast sales more accurate and reliable;
  • quickly identify the critical internal and customer;
  • Effectively Organize customer service to ensure quick response times and resolution of calls;
  • improve the productivity and efficiency of technical assistance;
  • increase revenue by offering personalized assistance services and levels of care.


In a period of sharp decline in the market to reduce costs and streamline business processes is a sine qua non for an ‘organization that wants to face the challenges of tomorrow with a competitive advantage over the competition. The goal of today in fact for a company should be to guide and encourage choices that facilitate and lead all those conditions useful to engage more quickly new opportunities for tomorrow. Key2 has always been attentive to the Bertrand market is able to support companies by providing innovative solutions and vertical solutions based on Dynamics NAV piattaformaMicrosoft NAV is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) powerful, intuitive, flexible and customizable to the specific needs of the business sector imposed by the reference market organization. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is ideal for small to medium in size and offers a very friendly user experience that reverberates then ease of daily use to avoid destabilization on the modus operandi of employees who meet to work immediately in um already familiar and intuitive. The solution allows to manage in an integrated manner all information and business areas involved: The use of a single database guarantees the uniqueness of the data and the intelligibility of each business area: from administrative area and accounting, sales and marketing, from production to distribution. The advantage of putting the given only once avoids his ridondazione ensuring the cleanliness and thus improving a timely and Business Intelligence in real-time. A Business Intelligence accurate means having the ability to make quick decisions and aware allowing you to transform today’s challenges into competitive advantages of tomorrow Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP is a multi-company, multi-language, multi-currency and by means of advanced features that allow you to optimize business operations ensures that each employee can contribute effectively to the success of your organization.
Key2 has customized vertical solutions for major markets: from retail to large distributions of raw materials. Each vertical has been designed to adapt and solve problems peculiar to these areas and provides specialized tools for simple solutions and timely.