International Defense Alliance

The Alliance was founded by sharing the experiences and skills of Key to Business and Sogeit Solutions two companies specialized in the field of Information Technology services and outsourcing company, with the intention of providing all the facilities related to the Italian Ministry of Defence of the tools technology necessary and sufficient to conform to the dictates of the DAC (Digital Administration Code) drawing from them the maximum benefits in terms of operational efficiency and cost savings.
The group of professionals who make up the staff has decades of experience in the field of electronic document management and work sharing the performance goals of customer guiding it to standards of excellence.
The distinguishing factor of IDA is to be able to combine technical skills and specialized functional skills to the enhancement of internal processes to the customer by a clever application of the principles of the integration of applications and IT infrastructures.
This allows us to identify solutions, standardized or custom, which can ensure the best results in terms of knowledge management, standardization and monitoring of processes, reduced costs in terms of time and resources, increasing productivity.
In addition, in order to support and encourage the growth and evolution of the organizational structure of the customer, we are always careful to ensure maximum scalability of the software, infrastructure optimization, management at the highest levels of efficiency of the network, as well as routine maintenance and evolutionary applications and operating systems.
The sublimation of all our experiences in the Document Management Suite is the Opti-Defence and modular tool designed to make self-subsistent reality finally the utopia of the Paperless Society.

APMS gives you instant access to political information in industrial full mobility, the use of a powerful search crawlers will index millions of records so incredibly scalable, effective and fast.
KMS is designed to simplify the entire flow of information management and data within the corporate information system. The information is handled with hierarchical mechanisms that ensure the confidentiality of the data.
DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT defines and implements the process that allows optical reading paper documents, archiving and electronic storage. It a working tool for functional document cataloging, integrated with all platforms.
MOBILITY is a tool “touch-oriented” that allows access and editing the information in mobility and in total safety. Be used with any tablet device. Allows the attachment of annotations on business documents to allow operations on the move.
PROTOCOL ELECTRONIC documentation system that allows the automated detection to organize and prepare the communication processes of a corporate structure.
PRECISELY COMPUTER multi-platform system and accessible by all devices, fixed, mobile and remote that allows you to manage independently the processes of coordination and business workflows that govern the operation and management of authorization.
ELECTRONIC STORAGE UNDER allows you to replace the paper document with the equivalent in digital format and store it in time in full compliance with local regulations and the directives of the Agency for Digital Italy.
DIGITAL SIGNATURE allows the management of a range of digital signature issued by the various certifying bodies enabled in Italy in order to simplify compliance by the Authorities of P. A., the obligation to sign public contracts only and only in digital form.

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