LEARNING FRIDAY: “Animations in SVG”

K2NewsLEARNING FRIDAY: “Animations in SVG”

“Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive”.

With these words, drawn from the book by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, “Disney Animation: The Illusion of Life”, Massimiliano Aprea began Learning Friday on May 26, during which he talked about “Animation in SVG”.
More and more websites use animations that, if inserted correctly into the context, bring life and interactivity, stimulating the curiosity and interest of users.

Massimiliano gave us the definition of SVG, Scalable Vector Graphics, and he explained what exactly in meant and what these images are used for: unlike raster images, the vector images enlarging them to our liking, maintain fluidity and sharpness.
Then we saw the anatomy of an SVG, investigating fundamentals and timeline of GreenSock, observed how to “just” create interactive animations, determining the time frame for moving images to move and … much more!

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