K2NewsLEARNING FRIDAY: Team Building

A key requirement, for every sector and business dimension, is know how to work together.

But not everyone has this capability and for that, on Friday, May 12, Paola and Adriana have drafted and conducted an Interactive Learning Friday on “Team Building”.

Literally “building a group”, the term indicates activities aimed at developing people, involved in the same project or work, the same orientation for collaboration, communication, cohesion and sharing of goals.

The primary purpose is only one: to make the team feel like a real team!

Paola and Adriana have explained that the activities can be multiple, but that essentially fall into two categories: indoor and outdoor. The indoor type is the one chosen for the occasion.

Two exercises have been proposed:

  • the first, aimed to see the level of effectiveness and understanding of communication;
  • the second, aimed to the evaluation of a single set of skills (empathy, self-awareness, relationship ability, motivation, leadership) of the individual in relation to the working group.

Given the importance of these meetings, at a personal and professional level, we can only tell you: at the next Team Building!