DPS Daily Notes Autism APP


K2DPS Daily Notes Autism APP


DPS Daily Notes is a smartphone and tablet application born to help children affected by emotional and behavioural disorders ( AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER ), by tracking therapies and collecting data for medical research.

The application helps families and doctors to access and browse the entire clinic history of the young patients, with the ability to attach photos and videos to crisis episodes. Patient sheets preserve and archive personal data and information about the current therapy, including the dosage of every drug. “Crisis Calendar” schematically shows the health status, giving a clear picture of the disorder over time, allowing the user to consult useful statistics and share them with his/her doctors. Backup and Restore features allow the user to save application and personal data on his/her hard drive or cloud service, also allowing to watch multimedia files on his/her home desktop computer.
The application offers several features, easily identifiable in the application menu.
It particular, the following are available:

  • Reporting: for any-time access to the statistical information collected from each of the managed patients;
  • Info: information and contacts;
  • Patients: management panel for patient cards from which it’s possible to new entries and/or modify existing ones;
  • Drugs: management panel for drugs used in various treatments;
  • Doctors: management panel for doctors treating individual patients;
  • Treatments: management panel for the patient’s treatments;
  • Types of Crisis: quick access panel for the management of the patient’s default types of crisis;
  • Settings: management capabilities section.


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