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The online fraud is a phenomenon of great relevance, materiality legal, economic and social. The consequences are extremely serious, both for the holders of industrial property rights, and for the safety and health of citizens.
Have reached alarming proportions, an increase of 1850 % since 1994.
Due to Fraud Management platform you can scan the network to identify situations in which there is an unauthorized use of the mark or that sell counterfeit products.

Locating sales channels suspects: the constant study of the dynamics within the e-commerce, forums, etc.. allows you to identify potential cases of counterfeiting.
Analysis unauthorized sales channels: owner/operator of the site on which the transaction occurs, registered office, etc..

In addition to constant monitoring, you draw the features offered in their product description, price and terms of sale, presentation images and other distinguishing marks. The evidence is collected in a report organized, complete with source, date and time of detection.

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