Game Teller


K2Game Teller


The new Application for iPad users aged between 10 and 36 months of age. Available from April 2014 only on the App store. Game Teller offers a structured phased approach looking to offer an educational path for learning. Whilst some parts will require the participation of an adult , the majority of the game encourages the child to engage in independent play and decision making. GAME TELLER has three core objectives:

  1. first, to be an innovative experience for those who are looking to approach the use of advanced technology applications;
  2. second, to be a preparatory tool for those who are becoming accustomed to the digital world;
  3. lastly, to be an effective educational tool, a characteristic often overlooked in this product category.

The application offers simple stories, organized in different sections which can be repeated as one pleases. However, the opportunity to move on to a new game will only be possible once the player has completed and understood all the logical cues, unlocking a new game.
Guiding the child through the various phases of development, the game will track the progress made based on a “Three times lesson” approach. In the first phase it is the adult who guides the child through calling out and pointing at objects. In the second phase, the adult calls out the object whilst the child points out the object. In the third phase the child carries out both actions. Moreover the whole experience is enhanced by the use of the latest digital technologies.


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