The Kdocument system allows users to sync documents in network folders or document systems directly with iOs and Android Tablets.

  • User Management
  • Workflow Management
  • Custom Operations
  • Lists Management
  • Management of System Components

The conversion of paper documents into electronic documents is now a reality in many business areas, bringing significant benefits to organizations.

Recent regulations regarding electronic document management make it finally possible to fully implement the new technologies, speeding up work flow and leading to integrated decision-making. KDocument is the document solution that delivers the digital revolution: the total elimination of paper documents in administrative processes. KDocument allows users to manage the entire document life cycle, from its creation (creation, filing, collaboration and approval), management (saving, sorting, searching), until its publication/distribution and storage.

With KDocument, Key2 is in the market as a potential partner for the design, creation and implementation of complete electronic document management systems. To this end, when defining protocol procedures, Key2 considers the following operating steps as a “MUST”:

  • Identification of the processes involved
  • Definition of information flows
  • Design of the alternate storage process
  • Definition of user requirements analysis
  • Implementation of support technologies

The software is aimed at defining and implementing a process for the optical digitization of paper documents, their digital storage and retention.


  • Document Repository: Content Management/Versioning, document routing Security: authentication, authorization,
  • Metadata Management: Folder, User, Documents
  • Search: Indexing, Full Text Search
  • User Interface for managing contents and processes, optimized for simultaneous viewing of documents and metadata.
  • Incorporation of electronic signature: Smart Card, individual/joint Signature

KDocument is a straightforward, fast and intuitive tool for cataloguing and using documents: it is suitable for any organization and can integrate with all operating platforms.

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