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Turning Data From Massive Stream into knowledge.

Big Data (Hadoop, MapReduce, HDInsight) 3D Engine (Three.js WebGL, GeoJSON) Semantic Engine Predictive Analytic Technology Cloud & Private Cloud Storage.
Use of a highly scalable distributed file system for the management of large amounts of data in the cluster in the form distributed applications that process requests for access to the data.

  • The basic technology was tested on data volumes exceeding 100 Petabytes;
  • possibility of storing data in a structured form and query data in the form derived from the declarative SQL language;
  • specialization of the standard platform to enable heterogeneous management of unstructured data;
  • specialization of the standard platform for the handling of data Open, with the ability to dynamically update the data in relation to the external source;
  • structuring of new pieces of data , arising from the preparation of heterogeneous sources and types;
  • government of the adequacy of the data by the logic of dependency;
  • creation of an engine of regional management of the data;
  • support for data sources and social indicators derived from the post-processing.

Front End
The system bases the use of the data on two major platforms: HTML 5 and native application Windows 8. Both solutions are based interaction with the platform on access to web services and offer a user experience comparable .The front-end is based on a set of components for interaction with the user , such as the mapping component , the 3D rendering engine or components of display data , which are in turn configured or specialized for the obtaining the desired behavior.
The services deliver the following families of features:
Access to structured data (including open data ) access to multimedia data and document access data processed and aggregated Exploitation of computing processes Manipulating Data Analysis territorial.

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