Publishing of Custom questionnaires directly on Touch Tablets (iPad / Samsung / OliPad) to be distributed to employees in agencies or at the stands in shopping centers. The information collected is immediately provided to the reporting systems.
The questionnaires allow for the gathering of both quantitative and qualitative information, which on the one hand can be traced back to social factors and on the other to numeric values which can be statistically analyzed and applied generally.

The KSurvey app has therefore numerous potential applications; different types of companies operating in various sectors can administer questionnaires, surveys, polls, etc.. Thus, there is not just one possible application field!

The KSurvey app supports four types of questions:

  1. Multiple choice;
  2. Input;
  3. True / False;
  4. Association.

Each of them is fully customizable with an unlimited number of questions.

In addition, videos or pictures can be shown to respondents.

Questionnaires can be changed by setting several options: time, suggestions, errors, sequence, scores, messages, etc.., all with just a few touches. Through the last section of the application, once the interview has been completed the collected questionnaires can be sent for processing. The app interfaces with a software that can process the submitted data and extrapolate graphs.
Therefore, it is no longer necessary to manually enter the data and you can get the survey results in a few seconds and always available both on your Tablet and on the PC.

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