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Key2, thanks to the collaboration with Sfrecciando Srl, participated in the project Sfrecciando Dynamic Packager (SDP).

Sfrecciando is a startup founded at the end of 2013 with the aim of simplifying the travel experience for anyone who uses High Speed as the primary means of transport in Italy.

Thanks to an advanced dynamic packaging engine, the portal searches for the best rates for Frecce and available hotels. The system creates customized offers that can be purchased online and in one solution. Prices are always advantageous compared to those of individual services.

Project: Sfrecciando Dynamic Packager (SDP)

  • Client: Sfrecciando S.r.l.
  • SDP is a RESTful API that allows the simultaneous query of the search and booking systems of Trenitalia, Italo and several wholesaler hotels for the generation of travel packages

The way we relate to the project:

  • Goal: re-engineering of the API to make it more performing and scalable
  • Approach: we have analyzed the API of each tourist service provider, bringing them to the common factor and trying to expose a single interface
  • Execution: we have developed with PHP 7, with the DQ REDIS system and written the specifications with OpenAPI SPECIFICATION
  • Result: the customer can now completely decouple his front-end from the back-end

Look specifically at the project described in the video by our Project Manager, Francesco Arcarese.

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