Smart City Exhibition 2013

In the development of new opportunities for the economic fabric of the city is significant project for the new Airport of the Parks “Giuliana Tamburro” – Aquila which will open to commercial traffic in very short/passengers. Starting from the need to implement a new system of management of the airport to the Airport from the economic point of view that would impact not on the start-up phase during which provide about two flights per week with only one carrier for the first two years, was developed in only 5 months a management application based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and thanks to the modularity of the solution it was possible to respond in a targeted manner to the specific needs identified during the requirements analysis, development, testing and testing with particular attention to sensitive issues such as the definition of standards for printing boarding passes and baggage tags. Thanks to the new management system has a user -friendly, have been optimized processes, centralized information and simplified usability and perspective will be possible to evolve the solution for the management of the airport making new partnerships with other airports and carriers in order to expand the airport more competitive and to make it more functional for economic growth of Abruzzo.

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