DBoard DBoard DBoard is a tool to support the management and coordination of emergency events directly on the territory of action. Traffic HUB Traffic estimation and prediction system Traffic HUBTrain Operation Management Train Operation Management A full management services for on-board crew and train drivers
Game Teller The new Application for iPad users aged between 10 and 36 months of age. Available from April 2014 only on the App store.
Fraud Management Fraud Management Fraud Management Platform scan the network to identify situations in which there is an unauthorized use of the mark or that sell counterfeit products. Smart City FM2014 Framework 2014 Smart City FM2014KEY Knowledge Empowers You KEY Knowledge Empowers You Turning Data from massive streams into Knowledge Clinical Intelligence A Digital Route for a Smart Healthcare Clinical Intelligence
StartUp Ventures StartUp Ventures Get Ready to Change Your Future! May, 2014
The Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association AFCEA International - Solutions and Technology For Mobile Applications The Armed Forces Communications & Electronics AssociationMeyer Children's Hospital Meyer Children's Hospital DPS Daily Notes - Press Conference Pandemic Management Pandemic Management APP rated Top 20 Worldwide best Health Solutions by Microsoft Pandemic ManagementBrussels Innovation Center 2013 Brussels Innovation Center 2013 Innovating for Healthier Citizens Syndromic Surveillance Systems for collect and analyze data to detect, predict and manage diseases outbreak. Syndromic SurveillanceSmart City Exhibition 2013 Smart City Exhibition 2013 Key2 developing a specific solutions with Microsoft Dynamics CRM for the L’Aquila airport’s aviation systems. The Ministry of Defense and Microsoft SharePoint The General Secretariat of Defense produces documentation containing sensitive data relating to the purchase of the Italian Army. The Ministry of Defense and Microsoft SharePointL’Aquila Airport L’Aquila Airport Key2 developing a specific solutions with Microsoft Dynamics CRM for the L’Aquila airport’s aviation systems. Open Data Scientist Analyze & visualize any data. We have a new tool and new talents. Open Data ScientistInternational Defence Alliance International Defence Alliance The Alliance was founded by sharing the experiences and skills of Key to Business and Sogeit Solutions two companies specialized in the field of Information Technology services and outsourcing company Forum PA 2013 Key2 participate in the XXIV edition of Forum PA (Palazzo dei Congressi in Rome, 28-30 May). Forum PA 2013Smart City Smart City Public Sector- City Emergency Response Key2 Health – DPS DAILY NOTES The Health Division of Key2, made the first App for medical research and for the families of autistic children. Key2 Health – DPS DAILY NOTESIDEX Abu Dhabi IDEX Abu Dhabi Key2 and Microsoft hosts Italian delegation, Abu Dhabi Police, Kuwaiti MOI, Turkish national security. 3d Key2 3d Key2 by Arthur Gavick. UK2 – The Party UK2 – The Party UK2 – The party for the opening of the new London office. EXPO’ 2012 London Conference At the London Expo the Key2 group developed new commercial synergies for the mobile and digital marketing areas. EXPO’ 2012 London ConferencePA Forum 2012 PA Forum 2012 With its Kcontent solution, Key2 group has established itself as the main partner of the Ministry of Defence for web/mobile document management Go Kart The Race The Team Race Go Kart The Race Ten years of Italian Cinema Key2Film Festival

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The Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association

Key2 participates at the AFCEA 2014 as a reference partner for the development and delivery Read more

Brussel Innovation Center

Brussels Innovation Center

 The Health event brought together customers, partners and health stakeholders in a joint effort to Read more

Ospedale Meyer Firenze Neurologia

Meyer Children’s Hospital

DPS DailyNotes : The new app for children with neurological diseases that redraws the doctor-patient Read more


In our highly mobile society the introduction of new types of infectious disease is a key issue affecting the health and productivity of citizens as well as the efficiency and economics of the public and private sector of a city or region.
Innovative electronic surveillance systems (Based on Big Data, Social Streaming, Open Data)


Claudio Giordano, Project Manager - Key To Business
Surface - Jed Project Technological advances and progress have had a considerable impact on information technology. Today it is information technology that plays a key role in technological development... Read more...
Nicu Vlad, Project Manager - Key To Business
7th sense Project It is an innovative application that uses the principles of augmented reality and takes advantage of the user-friendliness of mobile devices and the features and pervasiveness of social networks, to provide users with the opportunity to experience a new and engaging mode of communication. Read more...
Marco Gatti, Operations Director - Key To Business
Windows 8 - Defence Project This project is designed to accomplish a simplification of all the Information Management flow and data within an MOD. The complete flow of data is handled by the Microsoft Platform, is highly scalable, truly customizable and is compliant with the security standard that Microsoft has embraced within its platform. Read more...
Eleonora Cappella, Marketing - Key To Business
Marketing 2.0 - Web 2.0, Blogs, Podcasts, Wiki, Second Life, Facebook, Twitter are new forms of expression on the Internet that bear evidence of how technological developments are deeply changing the way we live and communicate. Read more...