K2 to Adventure Park

How you make a group of people into a winning team?

Through development of teamwork, hence, through team building.

Team Building is a term that literally means “building a group”, constitutes a set of training activities, team games, team experience, wellness team whose purpose is formation of a group of people. It can be defined as experiential as participants test “experiences” in which they are solicited through exchange and contact with others, in a climate of interaction.

That is what K2 has been doing at the Adventure Park: an opportunity for contact, exchange, interaction and knowledge, in all respects a Team Building Outdoor day!

The main idea is that the group is more than the sum of the individual parts, so through targeted exercises one tries to: let people known better; stimulate and increase collaboration; build interpersonal relationships; create a climate of trust and esteem; develop listening, empathy, motivation, cohesion, integration, leadership; work for goals; knowing and recognizing in corporate values; evaluate and appreciate the skills and potential of individuals.

Throughout the day our team has been tested with activities to test the balance and coordination skills, but also the courage between walkways, bridges, lances and pulleys suspended among the trees.

A day of training and fun, in which the ultimate goal was to make the group feel like a real team!

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