Key2 and BIG DATA to La Sapienza

April, 22th, 2017

La Sapienza University – Rome. On the 2nd level Master in “BIG DATA. Statistical methods for the knowledge society”, Key2 intervened to tell and leave their testimony on the work carried out in Big Data.

Why be interested in Big Data? According to economist Hal Ronald Varian because it’s “the sexiest profession of the future”, where the adjective assumes meaning of «interesting».

To date, data management and analysis represents an open challenge yet, for many reasons: ever-increasing size of data bases available; need for complex analysis in real time; different originating in and coming from of data referable to sources with different degree of structuring; complexity of datasets to handle, often affected by quality problems, redundancy, and risk of inconsistency; regulatory issues related to privacy and proprietary rights on data.

Areas of application where Big Data analytics solutions find and find more space are banking, insurance, product and process manufacturing.

In the market guide the banking sector with applications in the risk management field, fraud prevention and compliance. Banking is already the biggest spending sector ($ 17 billion in 2016) and will also record the largest growth in the period considered.

Labor market therefore requires increasingly specialized figures in data analysis to convert them to knowledge that is really useful for the business. Through its training courses, Key2 has long been committed to reducing the gap between the skills required by the job market and those available. Born in that way our partnership with La Sapienza.

Intervention of our colleagues, Iulian and Alex, concluded with a consideration: “Big Data world is increasingly complicated, fascinating and global. Key2 has strong backs to play its cards in this increasingly challenging marketplace, nationally and not only”.

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