LEARNING FRIDAY: “Comics, theory and practice”

“You learn how to make circles!” With these words Fabrizio Berrone’s debut began during the 5th Learning Friday in K2, the theme this time is “Comics: theory and practice.”

Lesson started in medias res, without preambles, you immediately went to action.

Fabrizio has told us that the strips are nothing more than a series of geometric figures, circles principally, and starting with two famous comic book characters, Donald Duck and Dylan Dog, hi showed the importance and the veracity of this statement.

He also continued to explain how a human body is drawn. He said that to maintain the right proportions it must contain seven times the head; to create caricatures and nice pictures even twice just. It should be noted that size of the body, at times, indicates the importance of the character (every cartoonist has his own rules).

Before starting any comics strips, you need to determine how you want to propose a character, so you can always redraw it all the same throughout history.

Basic rules are two: simplicity, otherwise it would risk making coming strips unreadable; balance, to balance color and don’t create spots inside. Even backgrounds must be balanced, with line thickness differences depending on whether they are on the first, second or third floor.

Another crucial element is management of narration time, which is repetition of images. It should be keep to comic times: too long stripes would tire, they would not be more hilarious.

Fabrizio has established these essential guidelines and he urged us to create ours strip, he leaving space for a real laboratory. Look at yourself the result …

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