The Ministry of Defense and Microsoft SharePoint

Manages relationships with partners of Industry and maintains the relationships Foreign Trade. In this scenario there was a draft revision of×616-e1453051423106.jpgistrative processes to increase the efficiency of staff and simplify procedures. Thanks to SharePoint using the card has been reduced and decreased the chances of human error. In addition to getting a cost savings, has created Segredifesa an operational structure, modern and in line with regulations issued by the Ministry, in which people are placed in the best condition to perform their work. From our offices in Rome or on the move abroad, thanks to SharePoint and its characteristics interoperability that make it accessible from Tablet with any operating system, the development of practical×616-e1453051423106.jpgistrative now takes place without interruption and with continuity.
A new structure based on technological innovation Maximum institution in the military, the Ministry of Defence is the organ of the Italian Government responsible for the×616-e1453051423106.jpgistration of civil and military defense of the country. Inside, the General Secretariat of Defence has the responsibility of implementing the directives issued by the Minister in relation to high-level×616-e1453051423106.jpgistration, the area tecnicoamministrativa of Defense, promotion and coordination of research related to technological weapons materials, supply media, materials and weapon systems for the Armed Forces and support to the Italian for the defense. To General Mario Marioli, Deputy Secretary General and National Armaments Director of the Ministry of Defense, was given the direction, coordination and control of the Department III – Policy of armaments, the Department IV – Programs of research and development, the V Repart – Technological Research and VI Repart – Informatica. From 2011, the General Marioli sensed as an innovation project technological and revision of procedures and×616-e1453051423106.jpgistrative processes would increased the efficiency of the staff working in Segredifesa. Before the introduction of the SharePoint technology within the General Secretariat, many×616-e1453051423106.jpgistrative procedures generated a significant amount of paper for the production of documentation, which underwent a process of review and validation by the different parties involved. Each document resided in the physical memory of the PC of the person who had created or taken over. Validated so that it came from the highest charge necessary, a practice had to be printed and signed by more people. The lack of an automated workflow increased the chances of error and dilating the processing times of the documentation. <The primary need was the optimization of the processes, to make information concerning the×616-e1453051423106.jpgistration of Segredifesa usable in a secure, distributed and fast>, says the General Marioli fact.
Review of the procedures and streamlined operations with SharePoint.
The General Marioli, along with its structure, involved in the analysis and design phase of the company Key To Business, Microsoft Partner specializing, among other fields, in the Systems Integration & Software Development.
Prior to identify the best technology available, the comparison is done on the issue of reorganization of processes. It was analyzed the life cycle of all types of documents: the main objective of the project was, in fact, streamlining procedures, knowing that this would bring other benefits. Relying on the contract of tight Enterprise Agreement between Microsoft and the Ministry of Defense, the Secretariat, with the support of Key To Business, identified in SharePoint technology on which to base the project within Segredifesa. The General Marioli and Francesco Tartaglia Polcini, CEO of Key to Business, ensured the maximization of efforts to achieve the best results in the shortest time possible.
<The computerization of procedures had to meet the regulations of the Ministry and be compatible with all the tasks for which the Administration has the power>, said the General. <Enhanced efficacy in the management and optimization of processes should also ensure high safety standards. This is also why we chose Microsoft as a technology partner of this project>.

Reduce costs, increase efficiency.

From days to hours. With this reduction of time due to the new system Document Management and Knowledge Management System, you can describe the value of the project Segredifesa. A plan built by General Marioli and made possible thanks to the collaboration and participation of all actors involved. <After a somewhat skeptical approach, as is natural when you are in front of a significant change, it was the structure of the Administration to shape the solutions implemented. It was thanks the collaboration with Microsoft and Key To Business and the goodwill of the departments that you have created an effective solution>, says General Marioli. <The system has not only been suggested, was shared and then took into account the changes desired by the users, who today consider the applications based on SharePoint their reference tool, which made the work easier and more effective>.
After the phases of deployment and tuning, users have begun to use the new System Knowledge Management System with an integrated workflow that provides many safeguards to Segredifesa. The documents are no longer conser vati in local and it is no longer necessary to print the practices to perform the validation steps. Every person who, entering into the system, it receives a notification when a document passes under its jurisdiction and requires the approval mail. In this way, in addition to the waste of paper, toner and time, Segredifesa has also reduced the possibility of error, since the system alerts users when a document is not processed within a rate of time. The project is now seen by Segredifesa as a first step towards a change that will bring other innovations. <We have introduced a generational change, from which you will never go back and it is now clear to everyone that the road is marked to evolution. It was not an exercise in technological end in itself. The regulations set by the Ministry guide us towards a road that suggests subsequent developments in the project, starting from its distribution through other Directorates Operating and entering other functional characteristics, optimizing the whole thing more and more costs and operational capabilities of the staff of the Ministry>, explains General Marioli. The flexibility of the SharePoint technology generated a further important benefit within Segredifesa. Whereas before each processing step was to take place in the offices of Rome, users can now access the resources and validate the documents from anywhere in the world. <The importance of this project can also be inferred from this. Any user can access SharePoint and follow the steps for approval of a document even as he works on the move>, says the General. <You do not need a PC. Just a tablet with internet connectivity with any operating system to work as if you were in the office>.

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