BOT and Engagement

Engagement: it’s the act of being able to interest someone to something and take him to make action to show that interest. It’s to measure the success of a shared message with the public and it is designed to create “ties” between company and future customers, so as to encourage the user to recommend the brand to their friends, by activating the most powerful marketing tool: the word of mouth.

When we talk about to engagement for commercial purposes it’s necessary to provide clarifications: we don’t mean the daily sending of self-promotional messages or even the publication of phrases like “good morning, good afternoon, …” and trivial images (florals, hearts, sunsets and so on).

The goal of BOT is to automate and personalize interactions. Bots are not simple chats that give users pre-packaged responses: these, by analyzing certain data and information, provide the customer with relevant, effective, timely responses, often using a language style that’s in line with the one used by the user.

But … how can we make the most of the potential offered by chatbots?

Let’s find out together!

  • Structuring contents

The content of the bots can be organized through several sections, so that the user is in a position to choose to only display the content of his interest. The goal is simple and fast communication.

  • Create Personalized Experiences

Using a friendly and informal tone can be crucial to building a relationship based on trust. It is advisable to aim an empathetic and engaging interaction, that gives the feeling of conversation with a human being capable of understanding our emotions, not a “machine”.

  • Send Push Notifications

Bots are able to provide highly targeted updates, information and tips that are potentially relevant to users. Receiving push notifications, relevant to our needs/requirements, can be a very positive element for loyalty the customer and fortify his relationship with the brand.

PS: Be careful not to be too “intrusive”!

  • Use Geolocalization Systems and Keyword Set

Bots use geolocation systems and keyword sets to give to the user the most relevant answer. In fact, customer engagement is active along with satisfaction for receiving appropriate feedback on the request made.

An example: if we want to order take-out food, it’s obvious that the chatbot will have to suggest a set of restaurants close to us, and that’s right through keyword analysis and geolocation.


Chatbot is a world of information and possibilities, so that some famous brands have already put BOT in their action plans. Do you want to know what?

Keep calm and stay tuned! 

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