Connecting Europe Facility: the DYDAS project to manage Big Data

The DYDAS (Dynamic Data Analytics Services) project involves the creation of a platform capable of handling large volumes of dynamic data, enabling the public sector and industry to benefit from large-scale data analysis. Emerging technologies are opening a new information age. Information today is based on the ability to collect and process vast amounts of […]

BOT and Marketing: useful tips

The generation of bots has finally come to claim their place in the ICT world. You don’t get unprepared, read the tips below and make your chat-bot a successful chat-bot! Don’t delay. To get a good product that can handle the market in a competitive and avant-garde way, start working on us immediately (if you […]

BOT and messaging platforms

Why do we talk so much about messaging platforms? Because now messages have become the new frontier of communication and smartphones the future of interaction. Over 2.5 billion people have installed at least one messaging application on their personal device. These represent immediate and spontaneous communication, features that are needed to intrigue and therefore involve […]

Success stories about famous BOTS

In the previous articles we introduced chat-bots and explained how this tool can improve your business in lot of ways, in particular using language understanding. Right now there are dozens of examples in which visionaries companies are using successfully this new amazing communication channel in markets, such as: travel; food; sport; e-commerce and retail; finance & […]

BOT and Engagement

Engagement: it’s the act of being able to interest someone to something and take him to make action to show that interest. It’s to measure the success of a shared message with the public and it is designed to create “ties” between company and future customers, so as to encourage the user to recommend the […]

Bot Messenger and the custom messages

Doesn’t your company have an automated BOT Messenger yet? Can’t you see the reason why you should use it? A lot of customers ask us what are the advantages in making one. In the end, they consider sufficient the digital tools they usually use: mail marketing, advertising campaigns, mobile applications and websites. One of the […]


If you have an idea for a chatbot, we suggest you start by creating a mockup and using Botsociety, a very useful and intuitive tool, easier to use. Are you wondering what a mockup is? What is Botsociety? We are here to give you the answers you are looking for! Speaking of mockup, we mean […]

BOTS in Customer Service: why they work and how they help users and businesses

BOT and Artificial Intelligence. Speaking more and more often and, especially in the field of Customer Service, chatbots are getting more and more resonant. Using the growing power of Artificial Intelligence, it allows to users to interact with the company exactly as they would with a flesh and bone customer support clerk. But they really […]

Social Gaming

Have come a long way. Since the ‘80s to today game world has been altered, updated, overturned, in a word: revolutionized. We’ve gone from the huge “bar cabin” to the tiny pocket consoles. The route has been long, the projects have been altered during the journey, but the ultimate goal has remained faithful over time: […]

The Customer Care revolution: the CHATBOT

What are ChatBots? Why do they represent a real revolution? And above all: why are all of them talking about it? You may have already used this kind of chat by accessing at Customer Services of some great brands, without even knowing them. A few examples? Beauty (es. Sephora) Clothing (es. H&M) Finance (es. American Express, […]