BOT and Marketing: useful tips

The generation of bots has finally come to claim their place in the ICT world. You don’t get unprepared, read the tips below and make your chat-bot a successful chat-bot!

Don’t delay. To get a good product that can handle the market in a competitive and avant-garde way, start working on us immediately (if you have not already done so): the chat-bot era is here, now.

Use a professional tool. You can’t learn to know and handle Artificial Intelligence in no time. For this reason, if you want to create a custom bot, we recommend using specific development tools, such as Chatfuel, where you do not need to write “code” manually.

Alternatively, you could hire a team of professionals, “job insiders”, and in that case we could be the answer!

Create a chat-bot in line with your brand. Chat-bots are an important part of the marketing strategy, sales and customer support and this is why they have to be in line with your brand. How? Using the same colors as your brand and website, the same language and/or choosing images and videos that capture the user’s attention.

Concentrate on a number of defined jobs. While concentrating on a few options, but well-developed, is more likely to receive positive feedback from users. Remember: better less but well done! A sloppy work might make the customer upset and bring him  don’t come back to visit your page again, so it is important to follow your chat-bot, update it methodically and keep in mind: the number of users reached; the average duration of each conversation; response time; the number of interactions of each user.

Insert and implement your chat-bot where necessary. Entrusted to AI the business areas manageable automated, so you can assign manpower jobs that a robot would not be able to handle.

Create tuning. Make the conversation with chat-bot in the right way, so that users find it useful and quick. This means:

  • create an automatic welcome message, that appears when the chat opens, in which the bot shows up and briefly explains its capabilities;
  • create automatic responses that show “personality”, to give a real conversation;
  • be short and concise, essential qualities for the success of a bot.

Ensure “human” assistance. As already mentioned, chat-bots are not yet able to respond to all requests, so it is necessary to redirect the customer, if necessary, to a person in flesh-and-blood, who is able to provide the right assistance. This will allow the user not to be abandoned.

Structuring the conversation. This means addressing users’ questions and structuring the chat-bot with targeted choices, through action-buttons, to overcome typing errors, words in dialect or slangs of the moment.

The chat-bots today are very sophisticated and rely on a high artificial intelligence, which often makes them indistinguishable from humans. Pioneer in the area of bots was the team Zuckerberg, who last year launched the first chat-bots, at this time, marking a real breakthrough in the computer landscape and triggering a rush to their development and distribution.

By the time they are beginning to show a variety of more and more extensive features:

  • friendly interfaces;
  • persistent menù;
  • buttons that point and drive the user to targeted actions;
  • artificial intelligence,

all elements already in Facebook Messenger, as Anand Chandrasekaran, a business executive for Facebook, said in an interview.

The possibilities for bots are really vast, though still being upgraded and deployed, so that they could replace mobile websites and applications.

This is demonstrated by the fact that:

  • every business is having a bot. Messaging platforms, as anticipated in the previous post, are growing rapidly and are becoming the first online communication tool;
  • the chat-bots are faster than Web sites and mobile applications. In fact, while applications need download and websites need to load, chat-bots are instantaneous;
  • the chat-bots are easy to use. You don’t have to understand almost anything, you write a question and you get an answer.

Remember: once you have created your chat-bot, however, the job is not finished. The next action will be its publicity.

The promotion methods of your bot can be really infinite, don’t let anything to chance!

  • Create and share social videos that sponsor your bot, quickly explaining features and capabilities.
  • Share methodically the bot’s links to your social pages – Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter – and those of your friends for viral For the same reason, include your bot’s link in the description text of your YouTube videos.
  • Modify the function button on your Facebook page on Send Message.
  • Add a link or button to your website, which links the user directly to the bot.
  • Modify the URLS of your website in social profiles so you can connect to your bot – for example, the URL for a Messenger Bot is
  • Include a call to action in your emails and newsletters that encourage people to communicate with your bot.

Obviously with these few indications we don’t want to tell you that you will become a bot expert, but we believe it is a good starting point.

For many brands, bots are becoming an increasingly indispensable tool for managing and implementing corporate marketing, commercialisation and revenue generation.

As we have repeatedly underlined, the conversation is at the heart of Web Marketing and that’s why the new frontier of “chatting robots” is a valuable tool to support product and service sales.

Chat-bot could deal with customer relationship management in your place, managing sales entirely by chat! A beautiful revolution, right?

There are several types of marketing that can be implemented in this regard, including:

  1. affiliate marketing;
  2. cross-promotion;
  3. viral marketing.
  1. Affiliate marketing

What do you mean by affiliate marketing? Making money with affiliate marketing means earning by promoting the products of others, affiliated with you.

Many companies allow users to subscribe to affiliate programs. With this inscription you can get an affiliate link for each product on the site. Once you’ve got the links you can decide to publish them on your blog or social profiles and if someone clicks to buy the product or just to view it … here’s the profit! You will be recognized 10% approx. of the amount paid by the customer.

Making money with affiliates can be, we give you a famous example.

It is called Casey Neistat and is considered by many to be one of the best vloggers in the network. Anything he publishes on his Youtube channel receives positive feedback, a bit about his innate sympathy and ability to engage, a bit (so) why he understands the rules of success.

Casey documents his everyday life in ever-changing ways and many are the guys who take it for example to create their vlogs. Aware of this, Mr. Casey examines and sponsors the video equipment he uses to create his own life-spans on his canal.

Through Casey Neistat Bot for Facebook Messenger allows users to be informed about the latest channel news and also to see and buy the equipment they use to create vlog content.

This is the affiliate. He “hosts” products on his pages, his followers see, inform and buy those products, he gets more gains from this new source.

Brilliant, right?

  1. Cross-promotion

It is a kind of cross-promotional, aimed at simultaneous sponsorship of multiple products or brands and to increase visitors reciprocally. We can think of it as a force multiplier.

An example.

FooBot for Facebook Messenger, the Redfoo bot, LMFAO singer, as well as sending links to YouTube music videos, concert listings, ticket desks and various merchandising articles, offers cross-promotion with Uber, through a feature called “Ride with Foo”. By choosing this option, users can connect their Uber account with the bot so you can listen to LMFAO music while driving in an Uber.

As you can imagine the advantage is for both: new fans for Redfoo and new users for Uber.

Marketers can use chat-bots to gather information about their users, create custom promotions and then send targeted messages from trusted partners.

So Cross Promotion can help you find new customers at no cost!

  1. Viral marketing

Viral marketing is an evolution of the most outdated word-of-mouth, distinguishing it from the will of campaign promoters to promote the product/service in question. It is precisely because of this it is called viral, by viruses, because of its ability to spread to the carpet.

Very important for this type of marketing is the presence of chat-bots, which allow a rapid and extensive exchange of information.

What we watched with perplexity, as pure science fiction or as a distant future, has become reality: bots are today concrete and effective sales tools.

Promote, sell, buy, receive and get information about products or services: all actions that can now be managed through bots.

The revolution has begun, be part of it.

Keep in touch with us for further insights and if you want a tailor-made and effortless chat-bot that flips and completes the work of your company, CONTACT US, our team will realize your ideas 🙂 .

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