Bot Messenger and the custom messages

Doesn’t your company have an automated BOT Messenger yet? Can’t you see the reason why you should use it?

A lot of customers ask us what are the advantages in making one. In the end, they consider sufficient the digital tools they usually use: mail marketing, advertising campaigns, mobile applications and websites.

One of the most powerful features, offered by messaging platforms, is that you can “chat” with your customers and gather information about their tastes and interests, extracting them from the flow of conversations, getting to know who they are, of their way to think, to act and where and how they do certain

In our view this aspect is very important: it means you can work with accurate prospects of your potential customers and then send custom notifications and ads.

Avoid generic e-mail marketing campaigns, that wouldn’t have a positive effect: be aware, in fact, how customers automatically eavesdrop on incoming mail when it is advertised.

The resources provided by a platform like Messenger, properly integrated with advanced technology tools, allow you to:

  • gather information about customer tastes;
  • ask the user directly what information he likes, if and how often he wishes;
  • to send customized information, commercial offers in line with your interests and needs, at the very moment when they are looking for them;
  • send useful information that creates engagement and feeling with your brand.

To sum up, what are the advantages:

  • reset advertising costs;
  • increase clicks;
  • retain customers;
  • designing a marketing strategy about people;
  • to target communications.

The path undertaken by chatbots has just started and it’s developing and improving. You are trying to make these instant response systems more and more pertinent and “human”, to simulate conversations as naturally as possible and create the right engagement.

Do you want to find out how?

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