Success stories about famous BOTS

In the previous articles we introduced chat-bots and explained how this tool can improve your business in lot of ways, in particular using language understanding.

Right now there are dozens of examples in which visionaries companies are using successfully this new amazing communication channel in markets, such as:

  1. travel;
  2. food;
  3. sport;
  4. e-commerce and retail;
  5. finance & banking;
  6. human resources;
  7. news;
  8. real estate.

In this article we are going to provide an overview about few of them.

  1. Travel Bot

hexagon-1743535_960_720Travel industry operators are also introducing smart chats to simplify search and purchase, support and manage bookings, complaints and feedback from users and thus improve rapport with their customers.

The goal is only one: to improve the passenger’s travel experience.

But how?

  • Helping the user in research hotels, flights and locations;
  • improving the experience and reducing research time;
  • managing and extending the services that the user can buy;
  • offering more and more customized suggestions and offers based on customer preferences.


Skyscanner Bot is an example of travel bot. Allows users to choose their desired destination, get real-time information on airline ticket prices and get tips on travel and tenders basing it on search trends. Finally the Bot returns flight data and drives the user on the website for purchase.

Another example is KLM Bot, the first Bot of an airline for Facebook Messenger. By ticking the box to allow the user to send information via Messenger, to the online ticket purchase, user will receive via chat itinerary, boarding pass, check-in confirmation, delays and cancellations.

For more complex questions, the bot connects the customer directly with the staff.

  1. Food Bot

Order food via chat: not utopia but reality, thanks to chatbots.

Many companies operating in the catering sector have entered or are putting bots as core channels of communication.

The goal?

  • Automate orders;
  • improve user experience;
  • reduce waiting times;
  • loyalize customers by creating a one-to-one relationship;
  • offer advice and tailored offers based on habits and preferences.

A famous American fast food chain, TacoBell, has created a personalized chat on the Slack platform, TacoBot, which allows its customers a multitude of actions, inter alia: choose, order and pay for the chat menu.

No endless phone calls, no queued users to talk to more and more unattainable operators, no files at the counter. You can then get suggestions, answers and organize collective orders when you are at work or with friends. And all this through the bot!

  1. Sport Bot

The first Bot is also emerging in sports, for:

  • allow the purchase of tickets and merchandising;
  • provide an instant communication channel;
  • communicating news, updates and highlights in real-time;
  • to customer loyality and communicate with fans.


nba During the final of last year, NBA launched its Bot for Facebook Messenger.

Designed to allow fans to view information about players in the final, creators would soon like to add new features such as the ability to buy tickets and merchandising.

Another example is the EURO Soccer Championship Bot, a European football bot, designed to answer the main users questions about the European Football Championship.

  1. e-Commerce and Retail Bot

bot-facebook-vende-incassaIn  e-Commerce and Retail, the introduction of conversional commerce is a revolution. Shopping experience becomes online, the entire shopping process is automated and based on sentences

Choice of brand, product, size and color: from catalog to payment, everything is digitized.

While on the one hand you may have the fear of “cooling” the relationship between seller and customer, on the other hand, it is hoped, instead, to create a trusted, almost friendly, relationship .

Chatbots are creating a fruitful business-to-customer dialogue that simplifies various activities such as:

  • customer service;
  • claims management;
  • sales;
  • brand engagement and user acquisition;
  • upselling and cross-selling;
  • FAQ and customer feedback management;
  • notification of shipping and delivery status.

Let’s see some cases of e-Commerce and RetaiL Bot.

Sephora Bot

sephora bot Sephora, one of the most famous make-up brands, placing the customer at the center of the business, makes user experience online simple, enjoyable and personalized.

It’s about customizing which aims the Sephora Bot on Kik: collecting, through short tests, useful information about its customers, age, favorite brands, products they can’t do without, and so on.

Sephora, in this way, not only creates a more personal and direct relationship with its customers, but simplifies the buying process and enhances the shopping experience of its users/customers.

H&M Bot

h&m bot Talking about clothing we can’t not talk about the well-known H&M clothing brand.

Itself makes use a Bot on Kik for better and enriches your customers’ online shopping.

In the first phase, the approach to app, it puts users questions about age, sex and style of clothing, all through a friendly conversation, to understand tastes and habits.

In this way, it can offer a navigation in the custom catalog, offering products and options based on user tastes.

Task: try to make the mobile shopping experience more social and personalized.


  1. Finance & Banking Bot


According to a survey, customers who interact with their bank by going to a branch or at a counter have a 12.3% abandonment rate, while those using mobile banking services only 5.3%.

As can be seen from the data reported, in this field the presence of a virtual assistant that “equates” to your bank’s consultant is very important, because it allows you to receive targeted responses focused on your needs.

Through chatbots, banks can offer their customers a more personal experience and several advantages, such as:

  • manage the main banking operations;
  • enrich database with profiling users;
  • make upselling and cross-selling;
  • handle customer service;
  • providing services and information;
  • buy and activate additional services.
bank An example is “Amex Bot“, the Bot that is developing American Express. This will allow customers to receive real-time notifications of their purchases and information about the benefits and offers associated with them.

Like that of most companies that use Bot, the goal of American Express are to offer more and more customized content based on their customers’ purchases and preferences.

Amex will enable us to achieve on-demand responses to your account and your card.

  1. Human Resources Bot

Chatbots, in the human resource domain, could:

  • to streamline the work of recruiters and personnel selection staff;
  • speed up and make the selection process more effective for both companies and candidates;
  • provide a resume database with rankings and skills.

Additionally, time and money may be reduced to assume new recruits, automating much of the candidate’s test procedures: testing, qualifying and drafting profiles according to available roles.

  1. News Bot

Also in the journalistic map, bots are receiving positive feedback. Thanks to this new channel you can generate more traffic on your portal, collect data on user preferences, content and searches, manage delivery of large amounts of news more effectively.

CNN Bot is an example of bot’s power. Through chat you will be able to:

  • search news through keywords;
  • ask for the summary of a news that interests us, but we do not have time to read in its full version;
  • select the main news of the area you are in.
  1. Real Estate Bot
casa bot Looking for a home is not easy, so chatbots are emerging in real estate. An example is Advisor Mary Bot, designed to help address considerations such as: location, price, proximity to public transport and schools, etc…

Bots in this sector can:

  • facilitate search for ads that are relevant to your needs;
  • let you create a search history and ads that affect the user;
  • manage your apartment visits automatically.

With artificial intelligence, bots are able to understand and interpret user-written text messages. For this many famous brands already use chatbot.

Would you like to join the group, too? Would you like to offer a chatbot dedicated to your customers?

Write to us, we will create for you the best solution!

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